When Feelings Revive. The 9 Campaign. Part-3

Hi SideSteppers!

Part 1.
Part 2.
The brainstorming of a two-month-thinking schedule brought some exceptional results. Along with Seth, Marcela, Di Tox(ication) & Omer, we came up with a dozen of emotionally strong stories that lied  in our repressed inner-self. This collection had to be taken to our advantage, in a creative and unique way. Nothing sparkling, shiny, but dark, underground, original.
The idea I came up with is nothing new. It’s been done before. This, for example. It has been mentioned and praised for its creativity in high-end blogs and media like MTV, Mashable, Pitchfork and Boing Boing. But one difference. We don’t care about all this.
The reason behind those videos is simple. To bring a small change to the world. And I’m 100% it will bring change to at least one person: Me.
Because this way I will prove myself that if I have something in mind, I can create it. And hopefully this will affect and inspire more people, too.
We have no viral concerns about what we’ll do. Our goal is one and only: to create artistic impact via our innovative way and complete our multimedia portfolio. Through this series of high quality videos we will highlight the contrast of human emotion and how it can be manipulated within 30′‘.
Try to avoid this transition. At the end you’ll feel blank. It’s weird, a possible emotional stability seems to make us dull. Great news for creators all around the world!
My advice: stop making crappy musics and videos, try touching the human soul instead.
And the result will reward you.
Details of the 9 Campaign in the next blog post.

Have a creative day!

Don’t forget to visit our official website http://www.sidestepsofficial.com/

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