What Comes In My Mind After Amy’s Death

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It’s been two days since Amy Winehouse was found dead in her apartment. What did she achieve in her life? 5 Grammies, no doubt her voice was charismatic, no doubt she had talent (lots of it). This is not the blog post I had scheduled to publish, but these news gave me a reason to touch a controversial issue.
Live fast, Die young. Or not?
Short fame vs. long-standing fame.
Seasonal hits vs. long-term artistic career.
…And why we prefer INSTANT success.
Alright, every young band has a sinful desire: to be successful and quickly recognizable by the masses, every existing audience possible to become raving fans of theirs and… money. Money so that they can all quit their depressing day job and focus on the thing they love: making music.
Sounds reasonable to my ears… Who wouldn’t? But, there is a “but”. Fame is a two-sided nasty blade. It can kill you or help you make a shortcut.
In an era when everything changes rapidly, the speed of life’s faster and leisure time’s getting out of the schedule, it’s inevitable to say that people lose patience when it comes to success. We don’t want to be part of this ‘misery whirlwind’ and get lost forever. That explains partially why “INSTANT SUCCESS” or “INSTANT MONEY” is one of the top searches in search engines. If we put down the aforementioned example to maths, from an artistic point of view, reality shows is the offspring of INSTANT SUCCESS and MUSIC. Surely it guarantees fame. It books shows and people say you’re a hot-ass.
But it doesn’t grant you a dime of respect. Respect is a hard-earned apple after a long cultivation of a mature artistic persona. It opens doors and gives power to your voice. And the value it hides is primarily because of its scarcity. There are not many people that follow and manage this path adequately, that’s why we rave to hear them talk/perform/sing when we meet one. Many of them would ruin the neighborhood and destroy the balance!
…Fame bears great responsibility as well, though. Amy Winehouse was undoubtedly one of a kind. A spectacular voice to listen to, a black voice trapped into a white body. Talent is not enough though. The responsibility of owning fame lies on the attention management. When millions pairs of eyes are stuck on you, your afterlife fame and value is determined 50% by the way you lived and 50% by the way you died. She failed to give an example to her passionate followers, who expected a lot from her.
And, simultaneously, she wrote in bold letters “VANITY of FAME”, confirming John Wooden‘s quote:
“Talent is God given. Be humble.
Fame is man-given. Be grateful.
Conceit is self-given. Be careful.”
I don’t judge her as a person or whether she deserved to be in this world. I would never be worthy enough to do so. What I state is that all the fancy-classy-all-knowing prophets equating Amy Winehouse with Jim Morison, Jimmy Hendrix and Kurt Cobain, should wait, time reveals what’s worth it and what’s not.
We live in a world of deceit, star-system shows the way. Let’s wait a little for once…

Have a creative day!

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2 Responses to “What Comes In My Mind After Amy’s Death”
  1. hdrmrt says:

    getting better and better everyday
    keep up good work buddy

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