When Feelings Revive. We Miss You.

Hi SideSteppers!

It’s raining outside (as always, this is Belgium) and I was sitting in my mildly illuminated room thinking about video concepts. We are thinking about creating a series of videos, each one of which will focus on a specific intense feeling a human can experience, giving it a twisted angle to make one appreciate it more than normal. What do I mean.
Let’s say you start watching a video showing a beautiful lady, at her 20’s, making herself more beautiful. She spreads the make-up on her face, sitting in front of a mirror. She is in a dressing room, like the ones theatre actresses have. Only the mirror illuminates the room by its framed lights it has attached on it. That’s enough for her to do her job.


She is a simple lady, not yet a woman. Young but attractive.
She’s more mature than the other girls of her age, you can see the spark in her pretty eyes. She puts some red lipstick on. Her determination is painted on her face now, not the make-up. Another show has to start.


Is she an actress? What kind of show is she performing on?
Those are the first thoughts that come in the viewers’ mind. “She must be very important and talented. OMG, she is beautiful, I gotta say“. And the like her even more, second by second. Nice breasts, attractive face, promising dress.
Then, the lady stands up and grabs her purse, she looks herself for the last time on the mirror, goes towards the door and opens it. Takes a big breath and goes out. She’s now in the middle of the darkest alley, walking alone… A car stops next to her and opens the window. You can see the money in the man’s hands. She nods affirmatively and gets inside.
She is a prostitute trying to make a living.
That’s the kind of videos we’d like to film. 30-40” videos, full of emotional contrast and surprises. Good turns bad. Intriguing to the viewer and thoughtful messages behind them. At the end of every video we’ll show one letter, the sequence of those letters will form the word


9 videos, 9 letters.
Why we came up with this creative idea? The concept of video making was there, the stories were there, written in a notebook, we just didn’t really have the connecting bond and the mutual story/message to make a concrete result. Now we do. The fact that triggered it was this video. WE MISS YOU.
I’ll prepare a part. 2 for this post, I got much more to explain.
Just one word before I go.


Don’t forget to visit our official website http://www.sidestepsofficial.com/
3 Responses to “When Feelings Revive. We Miss You.”
  1. chichi says:

    The video is full of emotion and Inspiring…,love it!

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