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The Proper Way To Use Your Skin Colour To Grab Attention

Hi SideSteppers! Going back to turning social gossip into golden morality nuggets. Yesterday, Jackie‘s Editor-in-Chief Eva Hoeke, quit her job, after the social media reaction caused by her fashion article called “De Niggabitch“, referring to Rihanna’s dressing style. Bad word? Sure, racist I’d add. Stupid and unthoughtful title? According to people’s reaction: definitely. Rihanna reacted accordingly: with … Continue reading

What Comes In My Mind After Amy’s Death

Hi SideSteppers! It’s been two days since Amy Winehouse was found dead in her apartment. What did she achieve in her life? 5 Grammies, no doubt her voice was charismatic, no doubt she had talent (lots of it). This is not the blog post I had scheduled to publish, but these news gave me a … Continue reading

When Feelings Revive. The 9 Campaign. Part-3

Hi SideSteppers! Part 1. Part 2. The brainstorming of a two-month-thinking schedule brought some exceptional results. Along with Seth, Marcela, Di Tox(ication) & Omer, we came up with a dozen of emotionally strong stories that lied  in our repressed inner-self. This collection had to be taken to our advantage, in a creative and unique way. … Continue reading

When Feelings Revive. Broken Piano. Part-2

Hi SideSteppers!     So the idea started with this video. WE MISS YOU.     However, the inspiration had stroke long time ago, it was just waiting patiently to unveil. Rain is something common in Belgium. That makes you stay in, especially if you have the chance to stay alone, you and yourself, you … Continue reading

When Feelings Revive. We Miss You.

Hi SideSteppers! It’s raining outside (as always, this is Belgium) and I was sitting in my mildly illuminated room thinking about video concepts. We are thinking about creating a series of videos, each one of which will focus on a specific intense feeling a human can experience, giving it a twisted angle to make one … Continue reading

It’s All About (Quality) Numbers

Hi SideSteppers! I know the best way to live along with your fans is to be close to them and write whatever you believe, whenever you want, and they will support you back no matter what. I’m not wasting my time on any pinkish cloud though, I know this is hard to get, especially when … Continue reading

The Beginning (Of The New Ambitious Plan)

Well, it’s been almost 5 months since we  last updated this blog, Where Did All Music Lovers Go? (2010 Music Website Heat Map). I gotta admit, I was kinda bored with writing all the time and neglected the power of letting your fans know your opinions and perspective on various topics. I, also, had not … Continue reading

2010 Music Website Heat Map SideSteps Blogging Experience

Where Did All Music Lovers Go? (2010 Music Website Heat Map)

Hi! You can find great articles while browsing in the web, but what I find truly amazing is a beautifully made infographic like this! So, without any second thought I’d like to present you the “2010 Music Website Heat Map”, in other words the most popular music websites (>100.000 visitors/month) for 2010! Is there something … Continue reading

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