When Feelings Revive. Broken Piano. Part-2

Hi SideSteppers!



So the idea started

with this video.




However, the inspiration had stroke long time ago, it was just waiting patiently to unveil. Rain is something common in Belgium. That makes you stay in, especially if you have the chance to stay alone, you and yourself, you and your solitude. Through my solitude I find calmness, time to refresh myself and purify my thoughts.
Solitude inspires me.
Imagine a totally black screen. The camera moves and you realize it was recording just right behind a black piano. This piano is located in the middle (?) of a pitch black room, there is a young pianist on the piano seat playing a rather simple and minimalistic melody.

The camera moves along, goes up and down… You can see the intense feelings in the facial expression of the player, he’s not a kid anymore. The paradox, he is getting older as the melody gets more complicated. But he’s unleashing even more passion to it and make it a great unique performance for our eyes only. The camera zooms in, zooms out, goes behind the piano, looks in the ceiling, focuses on his back shoes, all kinds of tricks.
We’re not sure how and why, but he’s getting older.
At the end, on the peak of the melody’s complication, you can see the old man take a rest and slow the tempo down a little, as a second person is coming in the screen now. He is a younger player that sits right next to the old guy, doesn’t even look at him and starts playing the piano along, giving an additional wildness to the once faded melody…
…This could be another 30” story. The symbolism is clear, the audience is just not sure what it all means. The certain thing is everybody will taste this bittersweet pleasure it leaves on the tip of your tongues. You might enjoy the image of a young man sitting along with an older and more experienced person, scrapping on the piano, but… The kid doesn’t even look at him, subconsciously it drowns you into a well of dubiousness. Mind games, I say. And the final result will get more enhanced by the fact that the videos will only last a couple of moments, submerging you to a sea of feelings.
Feelings that last a little, but leave a scratch on the back of your brain for long.
Part3 incoming.

Have a good one SideSteppers!

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