Welcome Video!

Hello guys!

This is Mr. SideSteps! I’d like to welcome you personally in the following video!

Today (03.09.10) it’s a great day for our project, as we’ll get our own home, which is our blog!

This means you’ll be able to read thoroughly and whenever you want all the latest SideSteps entries, comment, rate, ‘like’ & share them with your friends that might like them!

The entries will include:

– The latest news and the daily schedule of SideSteps, written the same day that happen. This will keep you really updated more than anyone!

– The final results of EuroDemo competition, which we took part in – as you know we were the winning entry of Belgium!

– The whole EP streamable and free to listen, while you can DOWNLOAD it for FREE!


– All the juicy details from our trip to Oslo, Norway for the shootings of the new video clip for The Heartbreak Song! This means, EVERY single day you were getting videos and photos of our crazy trip to the heart of Scandinavia!

And not only that…


Moreover, we’d like to keep you informed about our views, likes, inspirations and habits, with weekly threads such as the “Song of the Week“.


Our goal is to create an ALIVE community full of energetic fans! To bring you closer to us!

Notice that the FAQ section is entirely flexible, all the questions will be submitted by YOU and we will give an answer!

Mr. SideSteps
2 Responses to “Welcome Video!”
  1. MIEL FRAGA says:

    Hey Mr!!
    I downloaded your EP.
    It’s so cool EP.

    Thank you

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