Where Did All Music Lovers Go? (2010 Music Website Heat Map)

2010 Music Website Heat Map SideSteps Blogging Experience

Hi! You can find great articles while browsing in the web, but what I find truly amazing is a beautifully made infographic like this! So, without any second thought I’d like to present you the “2010 Music Website Heat Map”, in other words the most popular music websites (>100.000 visitors/month) for 2010! Is there something … Continue reading

Our EP Is Out! Did You Get Your Copy?

SideSteps band Belgium electro rock

DOWNLOAD IT HERE (FOR “0” dollars, euros etc.) http://sidesteps.bandcamp.com I’d like to thank you for your support so far. It’s hard to see a band growing from scratch to a successful act. I wouldn’t say we’ve accomplished anything important so far. …But we have the chance to do so, as long as you help us. … Continue reading

SideSteps. WINNERS of Belgium for EuroDemo Santander2016!

What can I say? I wasn’t really prepared for this, but here we are! WINNERS of EuroDemo competition for Belgium! For testimonials here: http://www.myspace.com/santanderbandas More details from this experience later on! Keep it up & thanks for the full support! SideSteps is here!

The Competition (chances, chances, chances…)

Hi everyone! As I’m writing this post, I’m voting for the EuroDemo Sandanter 2012 MySpace competition (a vote on SideSteps of course!), a contest we took part in by accident. What I mean is we didn’t really pay attention when we did so. All we had to do was to give our contact info and … Continue reading

You Wanna Be Part Of Our Success, Don’t You? (Link Inside)

Hi everyone! Do you actually believe in the butterfly effect? Well, I do… and I don’t.

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