Our 5 Most Influential (…And Simply Made) Music Videos

Hi SideSteppers! I was chatting the other day with a girl about music and our conversation moved to the topic of music videos and which ones we liked. After a few minutes of demonstrating our opinions about what is attractive in a video, I realized something very important about myself and my likes. I’m strongly … Continue reading

Schiller SideSteps Blogging Experience

Song of the Week: Schiller feat. Peter Heppner – Dream Of You (4th Jan ’11)

Hi! As you’ve noticed, I prefer not to post well-known bands/songs, simply because I strongly believe that there are plenty of unknown artists that deserve as much attention as the promoted ones. However, this week I’ll play safe and will present you a masterpiece. While I was at the bar, listening to pop-crappy music, suddenly … Continue reading


Song of the Week: O. Children – Dead Disco Dancer (3rd Jan ’11)

Hi! Whoa! I couldn’t expect to find a band whose sound is so close to all time favorite Joy Division! Not much to say, I think I mostly enjoyed that song because of the resemblance with the british new wave gang of Ian Curtis rather than the originality itself. Nevertheless, due to lead singer O’Kandi’s … Continue reading

Dorcel on SideSteps Blogging Experience

Song of the Week: Dorcel – Black Human Cells (2nd Jan ’11)

Hi! How’s everybody doing? Today I got you a very special band from France I recently discovered. It’s always amazing what you can find surfing in the web looking for compilations. So I stumbled upon a “French New Wave” website, and in this compilation I really loved the band from Metz, Dorcel! As I figured … Continue reading

Happy New Year! With One Little Step Closer To Perfection…

Hello SideSteppers! How could we make the best start in 2011? But of course with a wish! No kiddin’, this year is gonna be amazing, there are so many things going on. But first, we gotta focus on our own attitude, to make it better and better every single day. Of course to go one … Continue reading

Donata on SideSteps Blogging Experience

Song of the Week: Donata – Silk Yarns (1st Jan ’11)

Hi! SideSteppers! Happy New Year to all! And, to have a good start, I’d like to introduce you an upcoming quality artist from The Netherlands, Donata, the winner of EuroDemo Santander2016 for her country (we won for Belgium, remember?). Silk Yarns! Donata is a pure talent of The Netherlands, born in Germany though. Amongst the other … Continue reading

Hosted in WorldUnitedMusic

Featured in WorldUnitedMusic!

As we keep preparing for our live performance in January, a guy in Canada found us and featured our band in his show. Have a look at the video, it’s hosted in YouTube and the comments so far are great!   Don’t forget to visit our official website http://www.sidestepsofficial.com/  

I, The Phoenix on SideSteps Blogging Experience

Song of the Week: I, The Phoenix – Idiopathic (2nd Dec ’10)

Hi! SideSteppers! I can’t explain in words how I felt about this band when I first listened to them. You know how it happens… You go to Bandcamp.com, you look for bands from your region, you stumble upon an album cover you like, click on it, listen and… BOOM! Love it! 🙂 I, The Phoenix … Continue reading

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