When Feelings Revive. Broken Piano. Part-2

Hi SideSteppers!     So the idea started with this video. WE MISS YOU.     However, the inspiration had stroke long time ago, it was just waiting patiently to unveil. Rain is something common in Belgium. That makes you stay in, especially if you have the chance to stay alone, you and yourself, you … Continue reading

When Feelings Revive. We Miss You.

Hi SideSteppers! It’s raining outside (as always, this is Belgium) and I was sitting in my mildly illuminated room thinking about video concepts. We are thinking about creating a series of videos, each one of which will focus on a specific intense feeling a human can experience, giving it a twisted angle to make one … Continue reading

Featured in WorldUnitedMusic!

Hosted in WorldUnitedMusic

As we keep preparing for our live performance in January, a guy in Canada found us and featured our band in his show. Have a look at the video, it’s hosted in YouTube and the comments so far are great!   Don’t forget to visit our official website http://www.sidestepsofficial.com/  

Are You Scared Yet?

The Chase SideSteps The Heartbreak Song

I don’t believe in Halloween and shit. I don’t. But just for there days, we found the chance to make this scary n’ spooky teaser of our upcoming music video for ‘The Heartbreak Song’. Quite a horror clip, isn’t it? So, all I ask from you is to spread it if you think it’s worth … Continue reading

Day 5 In Oslo

The hobo

Hello. Yesterday. It. Was. The. Shooting. Of. The. Chase.

Day 4 In Oslo

The basement

Hello. Yesterday is was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! We had our first shooting for the video clip, an experience one can’t easily forget… The result was so pure and professional, that I’m totally satisfied with all the footage and the cooperation with our crew.

Day 3 In Oslo

Hello. Today was the day. Although it didn’t start well for everybody…

Day 2 In Oslo

Lunch in Oslo

Hello. Here we are in Oslo, second day now, with a lot of thing to be taken care of. Some of them were, some were not (this why I didn’t sleep well at night). Photo of the weather? Yes please. Great. This why we were full of energy this morning… 🙂

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