It’s All About (Quality) Numbers

Hi SideSteppers!

I know the best way to live along with your fans is to be close to them and write whatever you believe, whenever you want, and they will support you back no matter what.
I’m not wasting my time on any pinkish cloud though, I know this is hard to get, especially when no-one knows you.

Consequently, this is the only reason we’ll focus on our promotion and the word-spreading of our new album: we don’t have that large numbers on our fanbase to get the desirable support and leverage.
Right now the speedometer says:


Facebook: 860 fans
E-mail List: 205 subscribers
Twitter: 64 followers
MySpace: Who cares about MySpace?


It’s not about the quantity, it’s always quality in your numbers. Right now, from the 860 facebook fans, only 25 comment/respond/like & share our posts. I can’t complain. It’s a respectable 3%. Don’t fool yourself that bigger bands have bigger percentage. They just have more followers.
So how do you increase that percentage? By trusting your fans and treating them like you’d like to be treated yourself. And we do get this one, as we are hardcore-fans ourselves. After all, we always glow when we see another comment, why avoid cultivating the relationship with our true followers, the SideSteppers?
Secondly, the numbers. We believe in our music and our passion is burning hot inside us. We’ve had enough watching numerous incompetent bands getting air-play or positive reviews, while on our side… just a bunch of blogs that requested a review themselves. It’s high time we get the future of SideSteps in our hands! This is the obvious reason we’ll give this “push” to reach all potential fans we could be heard to.
Because we believe in us. And we want you on our side.


In the future posts we’ll explain how we plan to make this happen.
Don’t forget to visit our official website

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