Song of the Week: O. Children – Dead Disco Dancer (3rd Jan ’11)



Whoa! I couldn’t expect to find a band whose sound is so close to all time favorite Joy Division! Not much to say, I think I mostly enjoyed that song because of the resemblance with the british new wave gang of Ian Curtis rather than the originality itself. Nevertheless, due to lead singer O’Kandi’s history to participate in various projects/bands, we hope this one will last eventually, dreaming to get more new wave diamonds like this.

What is the sequel of the controversial band entitled “Bono Must Die“? But of course Tobi O’Kandi’ & Andi Sleath’s new project (the were members of BMD as well), named after the famous Nick Cave and the Bad Seed’s song O Children. I’m not pretty sure why I like the song. Here’s a couple of reasons (plus one).
(1) The singer has a very low tone voice, easily compared with other all time favorite bands of mine, such as She Wants Revenge, Interpol, White Lies, Joy Division.
(2) He’s black (…honestly, have you seen a black singer singing melodramatic new wave on the steps of Ian Curtis? How ‘stand out’ is that?)
(2) +1 I liked the mood of the music video, pagan references, black leather jackets, eyeliners and angry looking drummers… yummy!

O. Children SideSteps Blogging Experience


  • Tobi O’Kandi (singer and main songwriter)
  • Andi Sleath (drums)
  • Gauthier Ajarrista (guitarist)
  • Harry James (bass)


Official Website:

[Source:, Official Website]


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