Song of the Week: Dorcel – Black Human Cells (2nd Jan ’11)


How’s everybody doing? Today I got you a very special band from France I recently discovered. It’s always amazing what you can find surfing in the web looking for compilations. So I stumbled upon a “French New Wave” website, and in this compilation I really loved the band from Metz, Dorcel!

As I figured out, Dorcel is really a band that doesn’t heavily promote themselves as I could not acquire much information about them with a quick search on the web.  In other words, for the ones who’ve discovered them (by pure luck, by watching them perform or by suggestions) their tunes are FUCKING DIAMONDS! Honestly, post-punk at its best, new-wave in a modern production and a visual atmosphere that keeps this mysterious aura and vibe throughout the 5 minutes of the song. Couldn’t help it but get addicted with it… It’s yours to rate!
Dorcel on SideSteps Blogging Experience

Dorcel on SideSteps Blogging Experience

  • Sébastien Vigneron (Vocals, Drums)
  • Arnaud Ehrart (Bass)
  • Philippe Bebon (Guitar)
  • Cyril Muller (Guitar)


Official Website:

[Source: MySpace,]


PS. The downside? I only found one MySpace link to buy their music (but I did buy it!). I hope the artist contacts us with more information about their project, so that we can enrich this post!
Download & buy their CD! (I did…)


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