Song of the Week: NONmusic – Gender Changer (4th Nov ’10)

NONmusic on SideSteps Blogging Experience (featured)


Right before the end of November, I present you a song that I loved so much, as any respectful Depeche Mode lover will I reckon, that I ordered their CD from an local independent music shop in my country, and it arrived for me from Slovenia! Enjoy!
NONmusic, using a not so popular and helpful name for a music band, have managed to stand out from their country, Slovenia and create a pretty loyal international fanbase. Otherwise, you cannot explain that a band like The Killers found out about NONmusic and asked them to play as their support act for their Slovenian open air show at Hippodrome, Ljubljana in front of 20.000 people.
My point of view, their sound reaches the darkness of The Editors, but they manage successfully to enhance it with a lot of synths, revealing their electronic influences from Depeche Mode. No need to say they love them, highlight of their CD: their cover of “It’s No Good“… Which is not so bad an approach considering the fact that, personally speaking, touching a band with history like DM is like stealing from a church! Notice: “Not Everything Is Made In China” released in 2009 is their first english speaking record, released worldwide trough Echozone / Sony Music. Their slovenian accent is distinct, which makes me love it even more!





So I kinda did a nasty thing you know
I went to Thai and took some home
Separating right from wrong and
Choosing heart over lust is a quest
I cannot grasp
Simple clean and seventeen she was
Took me places I have never seen at all
Felt the earth move bit by bit when
Cheating tasted so damn sweet again
Never once the same
Gender Changer (x3)
It was how sweet she pronounced my name when
I went inside to check on her
…oh and just so you know, screaming really does yield great great satisfaction
I’ve never before, entered backdoor
I am so messed up that I can’t reason
I am feeling great but now I leave you
Not for her as she don’t want me
The bastard, man-whore, the unfaithful
As I am
I’ll never be the same again
Gender Changer (x3)
But I feel so sane
Gender Changer (x3)
But I feel so sane


NONmusic on SideSteps Blogging Experience

NONmusic on SideSteps Blogging Experience




  • Matjaž Moraus Zdešar (Vocals, Guitar)

  • Grega Vrečar (Drums)

  • Damjan Čosić (Bass)

  • Boštjan Brcar (Keyboards)



[Source: Official Website,]

Official Website:


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