Guitarist Needed!

Hello SideSteppers!

We’re here, after a month of the digital release of our debut EP, which we give away for free, and our schedule is on fire! That’s because we’ll start our live performances! And we’re too excited about it…
First of all, our EP Release Party, which will be held in December/January (date to be decided yet) in Brussels (venue/bar to be finalized). Everything is going great so far, only one ingredient missing: a session guitarist to perform live with us 3, Mr. SideSteps, JustinGaëtan.
Our requirements:
  • French/english speaking
  • Current place: Belgium/France near Belgian borders (province of Hainaut preferred)
  • Influences: Electro-rock/ Synthpop/ Alternative, deep Basslines (bands: She Wants Revenge, Depeche Mode, Joy Division, Muse, Editors, Interpol)
  • More rhythm guitar than soloing
  • Willing to take this part seriously & love to continue performing
  • Flexible enough timetable to come to Mouscron (BE) and rehearse.
  • A female guitarist with ability of backup singing will be preferred.

Our first rehearsal will take place in Mouscron, Belgium, the 29th of November. Date flexible on demand. Whoever’s passionately willing to take part in our band can contact us at for more info.

PS. We prefer a guitarist whose chemistry with the band is great rather than a virtuoso with badass character. We’re team players, this is what you gotta keep in mind.


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