Are You Scared Yet?

The Chase SideSteps The Heartbreak Song
I don’t believe in Halloween and shit. I don’t. But just for there days, we found the chance to make this scary n’ spooky teaser of our upcoming music video for ‘The Heartbreak Song’.
Quite a horror clip, isn’t it? So, all I ask from you is to spread it if you think it’s worth it. At the end of the video, we provide you a link.

The Chase SideSteps The Heartbreak Song

The page we made for this specific reason, the teaser of our video, gives a bonus to the ones that visit it, as a reward: A free
download of the track behind the video, “The Heartbreak Song”!
Last but not least, if you like the trailer and believe the result of the final cut is more than worth it, there’s a form to sign up for an HD copy of the music video, once it’s done!
Have a good one SideSteppers! Spread the word!

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