Our interview in FAULT Magazine

FAULT Magazine SideSteps
FAULT: What’s the story behind SideSteps?
SideSteps: SideSteps was a forum nickname. It represented my way of approaching women (not straight in their face, but subliminally, dominating their minds). Soon it became a way of life. Imagine a line, where everybody walks on. This is the mass, the flow. My heart tells me now to sidestep the flow and overcome them, following my own way. When I decided to create the project, I didn’t have to look for a name, it was already there waiting. Right now the band is a trio, Mr.SideSteps (me), Justin Gistelink & Gaetan Vandamme. They were my producers in the beginning, we got really well together and decided to give it a try as a band. We have fun together, we made a couple of trips already, the best one’s that in Oslo, for the videoclip of ‘The Heartbreak Song’. They embraced the name and its whole philosophy as well.
FAULT: What’s the creative process when writing new material? Is it a collaborative effort?

FAULT Magazine SideSteps

SideSteps: It started like this. I had written some songs digitally and when I found the chance, due to my moving from Greece to Belgium, we tried to record them with real instruments and good production, so that all my work could get finally alive. As about the process, a melody comes in mind. Then I write it down, usually digitally in my computer, then enrich it with more electronic instruments and synths, and improvise on it. Whatever I like stays. Bassline is important for me. I treat it like drums, but with melody. In general, usually music comes first, then the lyrics, like Rammstein do. Then some parts change, so that the whole result can be more intriguing, I hate boring things. Anyways, my everything comes from within. This is why it works out, I guess.
FAULT: How do you prepare yourself before a live show?
SideSteps: We’re a strange band. Our first performance was the playback in the videoclip! We haven’t performed live yet. We recorded the album, had some press shots, shot the videoclip and organized the band and afterwards, we’ll start rehearsing. We tried to make the songs playable live and danceable. Don’t know if we made it, we’ll see.
FAULT: Do you have a creative input when it comes to press shots, album artwork and videos?
SideSteps: Our creativity is only used to find the right artists we can trust,  collaborate properly with and of course like their work. Then the ball is on their side. We let them work the way they want and express their feelings without distractions. Say, like I would never write a song the way other people would like me to, that way I don’t want to interfere with their job.
Read the whole interviewhttp://www.faultmagazine.com/2010/10/11/sidesteps
Thanks to Steph Geoghegan for the featuring.
You can read FAULT Magazine here

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