Song of the Week: MLCP (My Little Cheap Dictaphone) – What Are you Waiting For (4th Oct ’10)


We’ll make a turn again to belgian bands and we’ll revive the feeling of 50’s and the swing era. At least this is what comes in mind when you listen to the rock band My Little Cheap Dictaphone (MLCD).
A mix of oldies and modern music can’t always be achieved. It needs guts to make. This is why there are so many remixes of old songs, but only a few happen to be identified as successful. MLCD have managed to mix these two opposite streams of music, creating their very own, original style. Actually, their melodies sound so familiar to my ears that their tunes caught me from the first second, leading my imagination to a different era, with people wearing strange, fancy hats and coats, maybe having a Dick Tracy poster on their wall. This is in fact their look, of you dig their MySpace page.

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  • Redboy : chant, guitare, etc.
  • Xavier Guinotte : basse
  • Jérôme Compère : batterie
  • Pierre-Louis Lebacq : clavier


  • 2000 : Listening is sexy
  • 2002 : Music Drama
  • 2006 : Small Town Boy
  • 2010 : The Tragic Tale of a Genius
[Source: Wikipedia, MySpace]
Official Website: (you can find all their upcoming shows)
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