Our EP Is Out! Did You Get Your Copy?

SideSteps band Belgium electro rock

DOWNLOAD IT HERE (FOR “0” dollars, euros etc.)


I’d like to thank you for your support so far. It’s hard to see a band growing from scratch to a successful act. I wouldn’t say we’ve accomplished anything important so far.
…But we have the chance to do so, as long as you help us. Right now, before releasing our EP, we had some small, but vital for us, success stories.


We got our first interview, one month right after our first recording,
in a dutch E-Zine, EBM-INDUSTRIAL.nl



We were the winning entry in EuroDemo Santander2016
pop/rock competition for Belgium! Big success, we’ll be included
in the official CD release, which includes all the winning entries!



We accepted an offer for an interview in the greek blog ‘Giorgos
in his Musicworld”, the creator of which owns the music forum
Musicwave.gr, kinda like the greek MySpace for bands! The interview
was conducted through Skype.



We were the featured band for the british magazine FAULT, giving
an interview and revealing our future plans.



So now, what up? We released our debut EP for free in digital format,
for everybody to download.


DOWNLOAD IT HERE (FOR “0” dollars, euros etc.)


All I’d like you to do is download the EP. This way, not only you make our
numbers grow and us happy 🙂 but also we get your e-mail addresses, building
up our mailing list.

Why this is so important for us?
  • We will be able to notify you for any future release, merch we design, show we give and much more.
  • It will also be easy for us to track where our fans come from, helping us schedule any future shows.
  • Finally, we plan some giveaways and competitions to build our relationship between you and us. You don’t wanna miss them.
Thanks again so far for all the feedback we receive, it’s crucial, otherwise we wouldn’t
believe we would make it. We still got long way to go, but I have no doubt about
our worth and passion for what we do.


Cheers SideSteppers!
Mr. SideSteps


DOWNLOAD IT HERE (FOR “0” dollars, euros etc.)



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