Iren Mask

…that means we’re working on something.


Today I got something to show you. A few more pictures from the shootings in Norway.

…by the way, don’t forget to answer my Question

IMG_0672.jpg picture by Thomas_Lalas




That reveals a little bit more of the concept, doesn’t it? …No? Ok, no worries, the videoclip edit is almost done.

At the time being we’ve got a lot of stuff to do. Mainly, details to complete the SideSteps profile as about the appearance. Tomorrow we’ll conduct a photoshoot for the booklet of the physical CD, any potential posters and web profiles. We’re really looking forward to that one. After all, a band needs to establish their profile & style, except for their music genre and identity, and this is what we’ll try to do tomorrow.

We’re always expressing ourselves. Via music. Via the videoclip and whatever we do. We try to be original. That’s for sure. And this way we’ll keep on. No doubts.

Anyways, to make the long short, we’ve decided not to commit to any label, just to have our freedom. Above all, freedom=more creativity. And no responsibility and commitment means we do things our own way…

Just to let you know what will follow the next days,

TODAY. An interview (in by own language, greek) to a greek music forum (kinda like MySpace) –

TOMORROW. Photoshoot by Damien Gard.

DURING THE WEEK. Arrangements for the interview to a british magazine (the featuring I was talking about in Facebook)

More news… stay tuned!

Have a good one SideSteppers!

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