Song of the Week: Seventh Séance – I Could Forget Myself (1st Oct ’10)


So, we got in October! And I wanna start this month with something really addictive. But it’s an old one… a track everyone would like to discover. No kidding, this song got me hooked for days now. Post punknew wave, with a track born in 1983!

Seventh Séance is a band from East London, created in 1982 till 1992, when the members followed their own way, running away from their lifestyle rock n’ roll had shown them. But, you know how it is…

Internet can bring things upside-down and lead you to great popularity. Actually their tracks were in demand in the web, something the band found out randomly, ‘forcing’ them to satisfy their fans’ hunger, re-releasing old material, even preparing brand-new stuff!

Finding info for a band that broke up 15 years ago can be pretty rough, such for the lyrics, so I won’t post them this time. I will try to edit the post later on though. All we know is that this band can clearly be an influence for the lovers of goth-punk-new wave music of the 80’s. You can download their music (after reading this interesting blog entry) here:

Download ‘I Could Forget Myself’ 12”

The band:

Guitars, Bass & Vocals – Detleiv Winston
Piano & Cello – Martin McCarrick
Vocal Backing – Ian S & Detleiv
Drums – Steven Humphreys


Ritual 1 (1982 Icon Music)

Ritual 1 (1982 Icon Music)

1. The grandfather clock ticked on
2. A Narrow Way
3. The Incision
4. Epitaph

Ritual 2 (1982 Icon Music)

Ritual 2 (1982 Icon Music)

1. The Doll
2. Neat Gin and Bloody Mary
3. Waiting to be Fed
4. This is the New Town

The Incision (1982 Icon Music)

The Incision (1982 Icon Music)

1. the incision
2. neat gin and bloody mary
3. the incision(version)

I Could Forget Myself (1983 Icon Music)

I Could Forget Myself (1983 Icon Music)

1. i could forget myself
2. fantasy of reality
3. i want to believe in you
4. nichtich

Another Empty Face (1984 – Icon Music)

Another Empty Face (1984 - Icon Music)

1. another empty face [listen]
2. into the outside
3. sinking

Cold Blue Fire (1986 – Icon Music)

Cold Blue Fire (1986 - Icon Music)

1. december dew
2. black box
3. cold blue fire [listen]
4. writing on the wall
5. frances (in the gallery of stars)

All In Your Mind (1986 – Icon Music)

All In Your Mind (1986 - Icon Music)

1. all in your mind [listen]
2. circles
3. counting the hours
4. devil and the deep blue sea
5. in at the deep end (bonus track)

Fractals (1991 – Icon Music)

Fractals (1991 - Icon Music)

1. fractal (parts 1 & 2) [listen]
2. rockout
3. fish pump
4. mountain lake
5. theme

Wake Up! Time To Die (1986 – Icon Music)

Wake Up! Time To Die (1986 - Icon Music)

1. kissing the skylight
2. nadsat boys
3. crashing in time to the automat

Kissing the Skylight (1987 – Unreleased)

Kissing the Skylight (1987 - Unreleased)

1. kissing the skylight [listen]
2. feel it (in your heart)
3. kissing the skylight (full)

Lightning 1 (1990 – Icon Music)

Lightning 1 (1990 - Icon Music)

1. violent sky
2. shade of blue
3. access information
4. life under glass

Official Website:

[Source:, random blog entries]

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