Our Experience In Norway (…And The Photos)

Bloody Mask Souvenirs

After an excitingly strong experience in Norway, after many hours in the rain and in the cold streets of Oslo, our shootings for te videoclip are over! We’re back to Belgium now, back to basics… But our morale is still high!

We were not put down by the failure of not qualifying in the last 5 bands for EuroDemo. Anyways, our band will still represent Belgium in the official CD of the competition for Santander2016 (the caltural capital of Europe for 2016). That’s something…

…Now what? What did we gain from this adventure?

First of all, we made new friends. The whole crew to arrange and shoot the video was amazing, we’ll keep contact and we’ll definitely meet again in the future. Thanks Jorgen, Mats, Christian, Iren, Vidar, Julie, Oskar, Katerina, Hara, Justin, Gaetan and whoever else I might have forgotten, for these amazing 6 days in Oslo.

We collected a lot (A LOT!) of photos for our gallery. The testimonials to remember.

You can see them all


(or by clicking the picture on the left column)

We’ve got some objects to remind us of the story of the clip, like the blooded masks, the leather gloves, the dirty pants, a the black suspenders, the costume of Gaetan 😉 the cup and carton of the hobo and lot’s of more… Things with lots of emotional value for us. oh…! and the stained, dirty original script!

IMGP4228.jpg Masks picture by Thomas_Lalas

But the most important…

Loads of new fans! Passionate to read about what we did in the norwegian capital, recognizing our strive to success and good result, sending us lots of loving messages. Which tells us one thing…

We’re in a good way!

You can help us even more to expand by suggesting our SideSteps facebook page to your friends and people that might like us (even to all of them, you never really know the likes of every person, don’t you?) The EP’s closer than ever. All we want is to be perfectly organized. That’s all.

You can see what we did each day here:

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4 (1st day shooting)
  • Day 5 (2nd day shooting)
  • Next move… the photoshoot! October the 5th, with Damien


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