Day 4 In Oslo

The basement

Yesterday is was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

We had our first shooting for the video clip, an experience one can’t easily forget… The result was so pure and professional, that I’m totally satisfied with all the footage and the cooperation with our crew.

_DSC4287.jpg picture by Thomas_Lalas

So, after waking up a little early to take care of a few details before the video clip (sticker for the bass drum & final check of the clothes), we took the train to the location were the basement was.

Now, I guess you don’t know the plot of the clip. Now you know that one part of it is in a dirty (veeery dirty) and abandoned basement. We wanted to give this underground feeling to the performance of the band, so that very location was what we needed. Actually, when we entered the was place was all lighted up and the equipment was not set up in the final location, so the first thing coming to your mind was like “…we’re gonna do it here?”

But later on… tadahhhh

_DSC4285.jpg picture by Thomas_Lalas

Yup, it is very atmospheric, I know.

The shooting lasted almost 6 hours (very little time comparing to what we did, normally it should take more). That’s because the guys knew what they were doing, we had two cameras moving around constantly, and a director trying to keep the balance between his human and military style, giving amazing rhythm to our shooting sequence!

On purpose, although I have a lot of videos from backstage and the shootings, I won’t reveal any part of the actual shooting, after the request of the director, which is absolutely respected. After all, what would it look like if you had seen the biggest part of the clip before it’s edited and published? No mystery… 🙂

Backstage-wise, we had plenty of time to rest through our small, but vital breaks, enjoying coffee, small sandwiches and lots of Red Bulls! The morale of the team was high! …and the belgians were joking again.

…the obsession.

…and the poser.

After packaging all the equipment (the room emptied almost instantly!), our day ended with pizzas, beers and joking a lot.


Here’s some photos from the whole footage, enjoy!

_DSC4354.jpg picture by Thomas_Lalas

_DSC4341.jpg picture by Thomas_Lalas

_DSC4289.jpg picture by Thomas_Lalas

_DSC4306.jpg picture by Thomas_Lalas

_DSC4318.jpg picture by Thomas_Lalas

_DSC4316.jpg picture by Thomas_Lalas

Tomorrow, even more to come… I guess the post will be a little late though, as we’ll shoot from 6 in the evening till 6 in the morning!

During the dark…

From Oslo,

Have a good one SideSteppers…
5 Responses to “Day 4 In Oslo”
  1. selana smith says:

    … the photos are incredible … amazing … can’t describe how much I like them … and you Mr Sidesteps, you look wonderful … !!!!!!!!

  2. stathis says:

    Bravo les enfants!! Tres joli travail!!!

  3. Glenn says:

    The photos are awesome, so I’m sure the video is going to be awesome as well!

    • SideSteps says:

      Hey guys, indeed all the footage was an awesome experience & the result is expected to be impressive. The video clip will be an underground diamond, Mats’ ability to get into the feeling and flow of the song was extraordinary, and we’ll see what we’ve got in the final edit.

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