Day 2 In Oslo

Lunch in Oslo

Here we are in Oslo, second day now, with a lot of thing to be taken care of.

Some of them were, some were not (this why I didn’t sleep well at night).

Photo of the weather? Yes please.

IMGP9232.jpg picture by Thomas_Lalas

Great. This why we were full of energy this morning… 🙂

…Not like yesterday.

After visiting a contemporary art museum & having a coffee in the oldest restaurant of Oslo, we headed to the main commercial street to find things we needed for the videoclip:

  • A blond boy to be the main actor
  • Clothes & costumes for the actors
  • Location for the park shooting
  • Some other small stuff

We almost found what we wanted… Almost.

Casting for the boy’s today, we’ll see if the one we found can cope with the role, otherwise we’ve got alternatives.

In general, it was another tiring day… everything was being done in the road (everything)

See? This is our lunch:


Just for the record, I woke up at 9. And came back at midnight!

Now today all we need to do is arrange a few minor things and we’re ready for the shootings, tomorrow early in the morning & on Friday from the evening till the morning next day (tough…). But, you know, this is it, we’re working on our video clip, and we LOVE what we do, so this tiredness is nothing but gravy for us.

IMGP4083.jpg picture by Thomas_Lalas

Finally, in the night, after visiting a lot of places, locations for the shooting, shops, streets full of blond people having the strange norwegian accent 😛 we ended up having a Guinness and irish coffee in a traditional Irish Pub (yes, they’re everywhere!), discussing the matters of the production with Mats. So, a few minor things to take care of on Wednesday.

…that’s it?

Just right before I put a full stop, a few things that didn’t look so normal in Oslo… 🙂


The most frightening monster ever


Ok, I thought you could see that just in Mediterranean countries 🙂


Iggy Pop in Norway???


What a gentleman…



That’s it for today SideSteppers, tomorrow with more juicy news, one day before shooting!

Have a good one.
2 Responses to “Day 2 In Oslo”
  1. Irris says:

    The pic with caption “What a gentleman’s hilarious!” I love Oslo… But sad to say I can’t see gentlemen around! they do their own thing… But at least they’re not rude 😀

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