What Will Be Going On In Two Months?


I hope you’re doing fine. Really fine. Say it and mean it. DEEPLY.

Cause this is how I feel myself. A-L-W-A-Y-S

You know why?

I’ll tell you why…

Because I always have something to expect from the future.

Because I not only dream, but have actually some tangible scheduled things to do in the near future, so many that actually even some of them fail or get postponed, I will always have something secondary, or even same valued in line, awaiting to be picked.

And this is how I feel great. It’s great to have something to expect. If this is exciting for you and your passion, even better!

Lately I’ve been reading a lot. I download many e-books, videos, articles about organizing and promoting your band by yourself. Long story on that, maybe I’ll analyze it later on.

From these books I learned and realized a lot of things. One of them is to set long-term and short-term goals – and actually write them down so that you can see them anytime! And believe me, it works. Your brain is working and digesting thoughts easier when it sees them written or sees pictures. That’s a RULE – try it actually, you’ll be surprised of what you’ll figure out…

Yup, guess what…

I will reveal you my short-term goals for the next two months!

To begin with, we need to finalize our EP. Here’s how it’s gonna be achieved. It’s more like organizing things rather than “collecting 100 subscribers”.

– 17 of September we’ll send the 6 tracks for mastering, plus the radio & video version of The Heartbreak Song (that is 8 in total). This is actually the date we’ll know for sure if we made it and won the first place of the EuroDemo competition in Belgium!

– To send the tracks, we need to complete them, which means arrange any small details in the mix, volume, instrument arrangement and vocals (I still can’t believe I’m talking about technical terms, months ago I didn’t know shit) and put the tracks under the same umbrella, let’s say, in the same mood and color.

– Apart from that, we need the artwork for the booklet or flyers, so that means I’ll keep in contact with Dmrd Art, the artist that creates our artwork projects, and, finally, choose the right ones for the booklet and get them in a better quality and resolution. Dmrd Art also needs to give us the visualization project for the video clip we’re gonna shoot – a short 2′ video with flashing words, popping terms and images, which are gonna be used in the edit of the video clip, in general a visualization video in the mood of The Heartbreak Song for any use.

– Moreover, we’ve already set up a date for the photo shoot we’ll do, the 5th of October, with Damien Gard, a talented photographer with whom I had the chance to cooperate in Dour Festival last summer, working for one of his projects, “Face Up“. We’ll have to discuss the ambient of the photo shoot, the mood, the theme and topic, the places to shoot and any other further details. Damien seems to be a passionate and interesting guy with ambitions and lots, lots of creativity. The key to pick him as our photographer was the topic of ‘Face Up’ project, which inspired me to do something similar for our booklet. Check our his website and find out yourselves what it’s all about.

– Most importantly, we have to make sure we find a sponsor! This will be our motivating power for the future, because, ok it’s nice recording your own music, but paying for all of this by my pocket it’s kinda killing me. After all, if I wanna print a reasonable number of CDs to sell and give away and promote, I’ll need a respectable amount of money, and this is where the sponsor is coming for. I’ve already created a PowerPoint presentation explaining thoroughly the “Sponsorship Plan” and all the details.

– Now, this is the BIG deal: The video clip! We’ve already booked the tickets for the 20th till the 26th of September, destination Oslo, Norway! Director: Mats Kokvik. More details in another post, it’s going to be the exclusive topic for discussion in a few days anyways! This is why the blog was created for in the first place; to describe our adventures and daily stories in the norwegian capital! So that everyone can be updated of what we’re doing and share a part of this lifetime experience! Loads of videos and photos to come…

– After coming back from Norway and after we finish the photo shoot, the only part missing will be the pressing of the EP. This is easy as pie: we’ll take the mastered tracks and send them, along with the artwork, to the printing company we’ll choose. Then it’s up to us to let them know the number of copies needed. And consequently the price changes depending on the number of the prints. We’ll see and will discuss it later that one.

– October, time for jamming and practicing! It’s a necessity to start performing live after a while, and do it systematically to gain experience and recognition. We’ll need a guitarist for that one, we’ll start thinking about it once we come back from Oslo.

– Last but not least, the distribution plan for our music. I’m still working on it, but we’ll have to figure out which digital stores are gonna distribute our music (i-Tunes for example), our website, our EP sales plan etc.

Hmmm… good job. Right now I realized I gotta lot things to do! Hopefully we’ll stay in plans…

Take care!
2 Responses to “What Will Be Going On In Two Months?”
  1. Kayley says:

    Hey Babe i see your on the right track. I am proud of you and i wish you luck with your goals! 🙂 I’m here anytime ya need me and i am supporting you all the way! Go get your dreams rockstar and live your life to its fullest.

    Love ya forever!

    Ciao, Kayley

    I hope I am still your #1 fan

  2. SideSteps says:

    Thanks K

    You know you’re #1 and you always prove it…

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