Song Of The Week: – Osso (2nd Sep ’10)

Hi guys!

We’re here again with the second featuring “Song of the Week”, this time from a brand-new (there’s not even a wikipedia entry!) from Portugal. Their name is a paraphrase of the argentinian capital, Buenos Aires.

They characterize their style as Powerpop/Indie Rock, but I’d say it’s more close to a popish version of post-punk. They’re really interesting, that’s for sure!

To find the lyrics, download the song and any additional info, have a look at the following page

Taken from their website,

Photo Preview

Seven years later, still Looking for a perfect song, very needy, physically fit, for some intimate relationship. We’re six with a well suited set of two basses, synths, a big kick and a nice snare.

Floating, we rise beyond the cosmic dust released by the fall of the Iberian colonial empires, arriving through the emergent 21st century Latin galaxy.”

Also, to support and have a better view of the band, you can visit their website or MySpace profile.

Just a small annotation to make, provide all of their songs for free, in downloadable 320k version, under the Creative Commons license. So feel free to share and expand their songs.


  • Hugo Pacheco – Vocals, Synthesizers
  • Pedro Azevedo – Hook Bass, Synthesizers
  • Rui Pintado – Bass, Synthesizers
  • Rui Freitas – Drums, Vibraphone, Rhodes, Synthesizers
  • Perdo Balbis – Programming, Synthesizers & much more…


(You can download them in 320k by clicking)

1. Osso

2. Seguro

3.  Sal y Vinagre (my favorite, if you’re asking)

4. Sabido Animal

5. Pouca Roupa

6. Arrepio

7. Buenos Aires… y tu a qué sabes


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One Response to “Song Of The Week: – Osso (2nd Sep ’10)”
  1. Adriana Mendes says:

    Love it!! Great band

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