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What’s up everyone? Wait, where’s my pen? Oh, ok, I forgot it, I don’t need a pen to write in a blog and add line after line in this digital notebook…

…and that’s GREAT! You can make it creative and interesting, posting photos in the middle of the post… videos, proving what you say is real… links, directing the readers to the desirable destinations… and lots cool more stuff.

I’m an internet guy.

First I check out the e-mail (both e-mails, personal and the band’s), then the Facebook profile, then the one in Soundcloud, then in Musicwave and, finally, in MySpace. It takes time. And if you add on my new activity, blogging, it takes much longer. Leave alone the on-line promotion I’m trying to do and learn.

But what on Earth is easy on your way to success? Nothing pretty much.

Once you get it roll though, it starts kickin’ and then it gives results itself. Automatically. And it brings good results. And all you have to do is make it work better, tweak it a little. Using your experience and avoiding repeating the old mistakes.


I think I covered it all pretty much about the past. You have a clear view of what’s happened so far, how we got where we are now. So what do we do NOW?

Well, right now we just finished recording the two B-Sides of the EP:

This one, you can listen:

Not Anymore feat. Eva & Iro – Marie (SysEx&&LeGrabuge Dancefloor edit)

This one, you can listen & DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!

The Heartbreak Song feat. Cisco Herzhaft (acoustic version)

Let me tell you a few things about these tracks…

Because it’s kinda crazy (I mean really CRAZY!) to have your tracks remixed/re-edited, and actually co-operate with a blues/folk legend personality like Cisco Herzhaft, who carries more than 45 years of experience on his back in his field of music (my father’s more or less this number of years old, to think about…)! It was an honor to work with such an experienced and devoted artist, and I feel blessed that this happened in such an early stage. It helped me rethink my approach of music, not in a musical perspective; I feel my kind of music is different and special, but in an artistic perspective this whole experience helped me mature a little more, getting to know the bright side of music as well.

This doesn’t mean I will change my music orientations and genre to a brighter one, more popish… Not at all! But getting in the mind of another person for a while, of another character let’s say, it’s a helpful procedure to understand a bit of yourself, too. To approach your inner self – and inner-darkness in my case…

About the second song, what can I say? Isn’t it a pop anthem or what?

I’ve been dancing from the first moment I heard it, and was positively surprised by the female vocals, couldn’t believe Gaetan & Justin (aka SysEx&&LeGrabuge) found a girl with so sweet and simultaneously dynamic voice like hers… Because we had made a lot of effort but… anyways.

Her name is Eva, she’s belgian and 17 years old! Already many of you ask who she is… I expect something big and upcoming from this collaboration.

So, let’s say, this song is applying all the hit-popular song rules all producers use nowadays.

– The rhythm

– The percussion

– The bass (there’s a lot!)

– The structure of the song

– The melody

Yes, it contains a few samples of the original song, but it doesn’t remind it very much. This is what makes it beautiful. And I felt stunned by the result. Because it’s a hit.

Ok, now I shouldn’t tell that, but I will!

We have some plans for the song. Might work, might not. Actually the idea was Justin’s.

What we’ll do, is finish one upcoming song, most probably ‘Running Away’, which is another electronic song of mine with a lot of beat in it, make a nice mix and mastering, and then make a really limited amount of vinyls, some of which will be pre-sold to a few – LUCKY – fans, but most of them will be destined for another reason: to be sent to Dj’s around the world!

Maybe we’ll be lucky and get remixed, or even included in compilations, maybe it will just be flop. We shall see… 🙂


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