The Competition (chances, chances, chances…)

Vote us for EuroDemo Santander competition!

Hi everyone!

As I’m writing this post, I’m voting for the EuroDemo Sandanter 2012 MySpace competition (a vote on SideSteps of course!), a contest we took part in by accident.

What I mean is we didn’t really pay attention when we did so. All we had to do was to give our contact info and our MySpace URL and we were in, no other procedures needed. This is why I actually took part in. It was April ’10.

I read the terms and realized that the winning band will earn 20.000e! And moreover, the winner of each country will be included in a CD published by the label that co-operates with the contest foundation.

As mentioned in the legal grounds of the competition , the final phase of the contest includes the 5 finalists of each country, in a final voting being held to announce the final winner of each country, entries that will be included in the CD mentioned above.

That’s ok till now… The thing is that in the country I participated, Belgium, only 3 bands took part in, 2 more bands plus SideSteps! That meant that I was automatically reaching the final voting phase, no questions asked! By the time we’re talking right now, the final phase I’m talking about is on, just a few days before it expires (16th of September to be accurate). And we have 33,33% possibility to be announced as winners…! Actually, I think we’re worth it.

But, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, I regularly update my Facebook and MySpace status, reminding our fans to vote because this is very important for us… You can do it yourselves here

Anyways, by the 17th of September we’ll know. If we make it, then I will be in a safe position to announce that this success came out of literally nothing! (The chances I’ve been talking about…).

So, logically thinking, to keep reading all these posts, you must really care about our success and domination. I guess you will vote 😉


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