You Wanna Be Part Of Our Success, Don’t You? (Link Inside)

Hi everyone!

Do you actually believe in the butterfly effect?

Well, I do… and I don’t.

It’s ok, everything affects everything. And it’s almost impossible to accurately predict what’s gonna happen next. Long-scale plans collapse within seconds. It’s not fair, I know, but it is what it is. And here’s the irony, on the bright side:  ones that don’t expect it, they face instant extraordinary success they had never dreamed of!

Did I say they had never dreamed of…? Hmmm… this is debatable. Because I strongly believe that once you’ve thought about something, any given time, all the brain gears are functioning subliminally to achieve and make this thought real. The stronger you think about it, the more likely it is to get real.

This is kinda how we started.


That was it. Once I started the recording sessions, I knew that something big’s gonna happen. I knew that it would bloom day by day, I just didn’t know how fast. Let’s make some calculations.

December ’09 – Making decision to start recording

January ’10 – First recording at Gaw! Recordings

May ’10 (aprox.) – The first song “The Heartbreak Song” is finished (a little bit late)!

June ’10  – “The Clock” is completed.

July ’10 – “Not Anymore” is completed.

August ’10 – “I Am” is completed.

8 months time. In between, I set up a SideSteps MySpace page, which by the time being it counts 6.400 plays, 20.000 views and 6.000 friends, I set up a SideSteps Facebook page with 500 fans and many likes every day, a SideSteps Musicwave page with a lot of great comments and 1.000 and more plays (don’t underestimate it, it’s my country’s most popular music social network) and a couple of other profiles (ReverbNation, Akamusic, Purevolume, Jumping Fish, to name a few…).

Some of them are just a copy-paste of other profiles. But we need them so that our name can stay scattered around the web and increase the possibility of getting discovered. This is how we work. And this is how we should work, I strongly believe.

Moreover, something unexpected happened. While having just one FL Song, The Heartbreak Song, in the MySpace player, a guy from The Netherlands, founder of an EBM-Industrial-Darkwave E-Zine, Ruud Dreessen,  asked us for an interview! Of course we didn’t decline…

You can read the interview here.

But that filled us with hope that chances can come out of nothing, all you had to do is take advantage of them and have your eyes (and ears) open. Never decline anything. From my personal experience…

Some months later, I received a long message by a MySpace user, called Isaac Junkie. He insisted that I should remix one of his songs for his upcoming album. He liked my music and my style, so he wanted my help.

What I did… I didn’t pay much attention at the first time, I said I’ll re-read the text again more carefully when I have more time… which I didn’t. So when I was enlightened to revise the message it was already late. I just had 5 days till the deadline and Isaac found another person to do the job he assigned me in a first place.

Too bad…

After a little search I realized how stupid I was: Isaac Junkie was a really well-known person in the mexican underground scene, and I missed the chance to have my name included in his hi-selling CD, and get cheap and unexpected traffic and exposure.

But now, we learned our lesson and, we promise, …it won’t happen again! Mentioning that, we’re participating in a MySpace competition right now, EuroDemo Santander 2012, with very good perspectives. We’re in the final 3 best bands of belgian section (26 more countries take part), and the winner entry of each country will be included in the Official CD release by the competition label, Subterfuge Records! Imagine that, high chances of promotion and exposure in no time… 🙂

And, as we really need that one, we would like you to help us with your own way, which is free, effortless and takes only 5′ (depending on your computer’s speed :P)!

Please Vote Us Here

(or press the image on the top of the left column…)

You wanna be part of our success, don’t you?

Who know what will happen… I don’t!

More about chances… next episode!

2 Responses to “You Wanna Be Part Of Our Success, Don’t You? (Link Inside)”
  1. Ricardo says:

    You are big… keep on dreaming and working because “the sky is the limit”.

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