How The Studio Story Started



Please forgive me if I sometimes make some mistakes while writing. I might have been speaking english for almost the whole day for more than a year long now, due to my work, but I still use the dictionary sometimes and watch movies with subtitles… Let’s be honest – I’m not american/british. I need your comprehension on that one.


I could be writing for days. Literally, if I’d had a thought-recorder and a penny for every thought it recorded, now I would be a multi-billionaire!

I don’t know where that’s coming from. Sometimes, I wake up in my sleep, at 4 am let’s say, just because I had a crazy-ass idea in one of my dreams, and I write it down. Then I go to sleep of course.

But the thing is that, due to all of these thoughts, I always have something to dream about, to try to understand what it means, or even new ideas for new songs or scripts. In two days I wrote the scripts for two different short-length movies (like 2′ each) that I think that rock and could easily go viral, just right after my morning waking-up!

Which is good. Not only because it keeps me artistically alert, but also because I realize how important the dreams in one’s life are; they keep you alive and kickin’, they give you a reason to enjoy someone’s smile, they force you to AIM HIGHER. To become a better man – you know how I mean it ladies!

Why did I mention all these…

Because I wanted to start a topic about our upcoming schedule and wanted a nice intro 😉

So… let’s go to the hot stuff –  how did we start all this?

The story begins back to the end of 2009, in December. I had composed a few (a dozen or so) tracks, music and lyrics, just for hobby or to kick boredom away. They were pretty good – at least in my ears – but just in a digital form, in FL Studio files to be more accurate. Once I stated talking with a norwegian friend of mine about my activities in my leisure time, he started getting curious about it, as I was talking with pure excitement and passion about it.  He proposed me to come to my house and have a listen. So it happened.

He gave them a shot, and, as a former member of metal and reggae bands in Norway (strange combination), his eyes gleamed!

“This is killer stuff man”, he said. I still remember it. “You gotta do something with it bro”, he went on.

We progressed my tracks a little, made them more complete. Thank you Dag Otto – I owe you big time. You gave me a bunch of new ideas and inspiration and hope to start.

So here we are, late December, in front of the PC, me and Dag Otto, searching for recording studios near my place. Results… “0”, “zero”, “null”!

“Can’t happen”, I thought.

I expanded the search a little, reaching the whole province and finally found a place 50′ away from me by car. The rates seemed pretty cheap (I wondered why, to speak the truth) and I was too hungry to wait. So I texted them. They texted back.

“When do you have time to meet up?”, they said. (YES, they could actually speak english! Not so common for Wallonie)

“Right now!”, I replied.

So I picked up Dag Otto and one friend more and drove all the way to Mouscron (for the history, Mouscron is 1 km away from the french borders). Met the guys, had a small discussion with them, we seemed like-minded,  I liked them (they even mentioned that my music is much alike with She Wants Revenge, which I LOVE), so I said “here we are”, and didn’t even have to re-think about it.

This is how my relationship with Gaetan & Justin started (yes, they’re the producers of the studio). As about Daggie? He went back to Norway after some months, so we couldn’t finish what we started…

Hey, you think I forgot something? What about our upcoming schedule?

In the next post… see you guys and thanks for reading.

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  1. tetris says:

    sidesteps?’re good! 🙂

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