This Is What Motivated Me!

I will post this whole text at its original form, as I found it, only a few necessary changes (names etc…) for obvious reasons. So here it is:


WARNING – some explicit expressions are being used, please read at your own risk 😉



Today I came at the studio at 9 o’clock in the morning, cause afterwards there’s a concert of an italian and two belgian bands, and the guys should be ready by 5 in the evening. So I came early. I was fuckin driving fast, I almost did it in 40′!

When I came the guys where in, ready for action! I was a little sleepy I gotta tell you… Cause I woke up at 7, and had to drive to get from Mons to Mouscron!

Anyways, Red Bull did it right… 😉

Well, the first thing to start with was the vocals of Heartbreak Song (uffff!), as we neglected it a little bit and we had to record everything first and have lunch afterwards (you don’t sing full, do you?)

So this was it. After three hours of trying and copying and pasting and re-recording, the vocals were ready…! It was time to stop when we tried to make a quick acoustic version of the song, but we failed big time! At 12:50 we left for a pizza from fuckin Dominos!

Cannibal it was! Always tasty with a lot of meat… I paid myself, 20e. Big food, big gravy, full stomach! Time is 2, time to go back to work!

Well, coming back, we got right up to work, distorting the vocals, using the Orange amplifier we had, by putting a mic close to it… The result was amazing! Now, after half an hour of distorting, it was time for the mixing of the vocals.

As I previously noticed on the other mix, there was a serious problem: The vocals where not in the first place, but they where sounding like backing ones, not so loud and sharp as they should be. So this is what Gaetan tried to fix this time, by arranging the whole song instruments again from the beginning. This took us some time, we hoped we could finish all 3 songs today, but this wasn’t possible this time.

As the vocals where almost ready and as another guy came in, informing my producers that they had to establish all the gear for the concert, we had to give up at 4 o’clock… It was the right time, as one colleague of mine from (…), Laurent the (…), he informed me via facebook, that his son died and he wouldn’t be working for a while. So now I have to inform everybody about the fact. 😦

So I started getting tired due to this, and a little nervous, tensed and impatient with my personnel, so I realized it was time to give up.

Anyways, my guys will finish the mixes for all the 3 songs, as I gave them directions and infos about what should be done and changed, and they assured me they will be ready tomorrow (Clock & Not Anymore) and on Monday (Heartbreak Song).

If everything goes right and I like them, we’ll start recording the 4th and last track of the EP. I was between two tracks, I Am and Running Away. The guys listened to both of them and chose “I Am”. A great, fast song, which includes african bongos, bass, guitar, real drums, loads of electronics and rebel vocals, talking about out ego and self esteem! The reason was that it suits with the other 3 songs, as it is in the same mood. Running Away was more like a club song. So I Am it is!

But, as you can see, we won’t be able to finish it in one of the next 2 sessions left, so they asked from me to give them all the instruments that I had pre-made in .wav files, so that they can work a little bit on it before my coming. Next time I’ll have Iro-Marie by my side, she will help me along with the vocals, as she did with Not Anymore. I hope everything can be done in 2 sessions, as afterwards I’ll move to Hellas for 20 days for my uni exams… Probably, if everything is ready by the beginning of June, the EP will be released, including two B-Side remixes of “Heartbreak Song” (acoustic version) and “Not Anymore” (club version). Hopefully!

This time I paid 320e, 100 for the piano sessions, 100 for the pre-mix of the songs and 120 for today. Now I’m waiting for the concert, as the guys prepare all the gear downstairs. Cheers!”

2 Responses to “This Is What Motivated Me!”
  1. Glenn says:

    I think you’re in the middle of a really good project, so keep it going, and the result will be great when you’re done!

    Keep up the good work!

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