Here We Go… Let The Blogging Adventure Begin.

Hi everyone!

So here I am, writing my first post, in a blog that I’ve been dreaming’ about many months ago!

– – Just a small note to make, my name is Mr. SideSteps (I don’t reveal my name on purpose), and the band’s complete along with Gaetan and Justin, my two belgians co-musicians/producers. —

It all started like this: we were recording at the studio, back in May, but the other two guys had to prepare the stage for an italian band as well, which was coming to perform here, in Mouscron, Belgium. Everything was working properly, when another belgian guy, one of the co-founders of the Youth Centre our Gaw! Recordings studio’s based at, informed us that we’d have to start preparing the whole gig one hour earlier…

That was it.

My two fellas left, and I was there, alone in the studio, keeping an eye on the valuable equipment we had. I was bored, I gotta say. And my body was too tired by the day’s tensity. But I never give up that easy.

So I started keeping track of what we’d done that day, in a regular notepad document. I was feeling happy and excited. Could almost feel like my muscles were relaxing and my mind was being set free, taken away by some kind of dream.

After 5′, I had finished my narration, and went downstairs to help the other guys out.

I found this document, some days ago. I read it again and again. I liked it! I said, “Good job”. And then it came…

The words of another fan of ours crossed my mind. “Now that SideSteps will go to Norway, don’t forget to keep me updated of what you’re doing. I don’t wanna miss a thing! Post photos as well!”

And I said… this is it!

I can’t do all this things with my SideSteps Facebook page, NO I can’t. I mean, I got a discussion tab over there somewhere, but no-one ever clicks it… 🙂 I can post photos, but they’re not accompanied with the right text, the whole story behind them. And I certainly I CAN’T post videos.

MySpace the same and worse. Our fans cannot even get properly notified when something new occurs. Soundcloud is not made for this. It’s for evaluating and sharing music with other people. After all, there’s nothing better than a BLOG…

So, the concept easily stuck in my mind, as a bunch of new ideas were crossing rapidly my mind.

“Welcome videos, subscriptions, soundcloud players embedded, competitions, posting photos & videos from wherever we go, helping our friends with the links we’ll post…”

And a lot more. But, most importantly, we’ll have an A-class chance to engage with our fans and cultivate a firm relationship with them. After all, only the ones who really care will read this. And, PLUS, I will have the chance to set everything free, all my thoughts and concerns, and share them with you 🙂 After all, this will be a community for all of YOU AGAINST SIDESTEPS, so feel free to comment EVERYTHING, what you like, what you are opposed to, what you recommend (and lots more).

I will try to keep in touch as much as possible, so all of you are gonna get an answer to what you want. Because, as you’ve probably realized,


So maybe now you’re wondering… “where’s the document you read and motivated you?”

…it’s coming up next!


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